maes artworks


Thomas Maes' works exhibit a rare virtuosity which is instantly striking.

An expert colorist, the artist's paintings evoke the abstract canvases of Joan Miró as well as turn of the century Symbolism and even Surrealism. His images are an amalgamation of the natural world with an architectural bent, in which geometric structures connect with amorphous forms. His arrangements are controlled, yet the elements float with a joyous and invigorating freedom.

His painstaking technique of preparing his design for weeks and even months before he places oil on canvas is evident in his sublime compositions. Maes' oeuvre is wonderfully reminiscent of many movements in the visual arts, while resonating with musical harmony.

With an eye for detail in all his work, original  technique and selectively chosen  mediums.

From oil on canvas, oil on canvas board, oil on silk, acrylic, aquarelle etc. All his mediums are prepared by himself, from the art board

to the canvas and even silk. All this to gain the maximum quality in his work.